Kayzen’s Claims
Ethos Is Simple.

Claims philosophy

“Kayzen’s claims ethos is simple: we pay valid claims promptly. Kayzen owns the claims process from start to finish, providing a personal, consistent and responsive service.

To make the claims journey as stress-free as possible, we partner with our clients, learning about their drivers, talking them through next steps, striving for transparency and avoiding surprises.

This claims philosophy aligns with Kayzen’s wider operating model, as we combine dedicated human interaction with value-add technological solutions, elevating Kayzen’s claims service above those who over-rely on outsourcing or technology for handling complex specialty claims.”

James Sterling, Kayzen’s Head of Claims

Claims Charter


Within 1 day: Respond to telephone calls


Within 2 days: Acknowledge any new notification


Within 3 days: Respond to all subsequent emails


Within 5 days: Request additional information


Within 1 day: Give consent to an urgent request to appoint lawyers


Within 3 days: Give consent to a non-urgent request to appoint lawyers

Within 14 days: Provide an initial coverage assessment


Within 21 days: Secure a preliminary report from any external expert


Within 5 days: Make payments post agreement to settle

Need to notify us of a claim?