Commercial Crime Insurance

Product under construction but we can consider on an excess layer basis.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can be the victim of fraud.

Whilst employee frauds are often easier to track given improvements in audit and finance functions, the same reliance on IT infrastructure and logistics can make the business susceptible to fraud from external forces. Controls in place can't fully prevent attempts to circumvent them.

Furthermore, doing business in the modern world often means customers and supplier relationships are formed remotely with no face-to-face interaction. Without rigorous risk management checks and balances, a business can often be duped where fraudsters present themselves as genuine customers, contractors, or suppliers. ‘Social engineering’ was once an emerging issue that is now understood more readily given its financial impact on many businesses.

But don’t take our word for it…..

PWC’s Global Economic Crime Survey in 2022 indicated that 64% of all businesses in UK had experienced some form of fraud in the past 24 months.

Commercial Crime is purchased on a Limit of Liability basis. We recommend that you consider your exposure – monies held: cash in any one location; amount of stock or raw materials at any one location; or the largest bank transfer made in past 12 months – all these should be taken into account when deciding upon your Limit.

Why Kayzen


We are not broker owned and therefore not aligned to your competition.

Unified commitment

Fully aligned with our capacity provider and sharing common ownership ensures we are committed to the same goals: stability, profitability, sustainability.

5-year capacity

Commitment from our A- Rated capacity provider ensures long-term stability for a long tail class of business.

Claims excellence

Our experienced Head of Claims manages the entire claims process in-house, elevating Kayzen's service above those relying heavily on outsourcing. This guarantees consistent access to our trusted team throughout the entire contract lifecycle, from the quote/bind stage and beyond.

Transparent coverage

Policy wordings that are clear, concise and transparent. We prioritise your understanding, ensuring you make informed decisions with confidence.

Broker centric

Brokers have their own processes and ways of working. At Kayzen, we operate flexibly dependent on broker requirements.

We listen, analyse and learn. Always adapting. Always evolving. Continuously improving. Kayzen

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