Management Liability

Management liability is constructed with the Insured Company and the management team benefitting from the cover.

It is designed to meet the needs of UK entities that are private limited companies, LLP’s, Employee Ownership Trusts, Charities and non-profit organisations.

Director and Officers Cover

The typical Insured Company will include Articles of Association that set out whether they provide an indemnity to an individual. The cover responds to whether or not such an indemnity is provided as there are often occasions where the Insured Company is unable to indemnify the individual; either it cannot as it does not have the funds, or there is a particular reason why it will not. The contract still applies in these circumstances and will indemnify the individual directly. Where the Insured Company can indemnify, the Policy then reimburses the Insured Company for their loss.

This indemnity offers protection to the individual, irrespective of whether their employer provides it.
Purchasing this cover should act in two ways:

  • Ensuring the directors and officers are personally protected.
  • Where the Insured Company has a requirement to indemnify, then the contract will protect the Insured Company’s own balance sheet and ensure financial stability and certainty in the event of a claim.

The cover addresses allegations of a ‘wrongful act’, encompassing the diverse range of responsibilities undertaken by decision-makers on a day-to-day basis

Employment Practice Liability Cover

Provides an indemnity to the Insured Company with respect to any employment-related allegations or actions

The cover is designed to cover legal defence costs and damages resulting from employment issues. Such issues include unfair or constructive dismissal, wrongful selection for redundancy, and discrimination-based allegations. Whilst any unfair dismissal claims are capped, there is no such cap on claims arising from allegations of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, or religious discrimination.

The cover responds to the initial allegation and will support the Insured Company in preparing for any tribunal or similar legal action and will also pay any resultant damages. It should be noted that the contract will not indemnify the Insured Company for any monies which are legally owed to the employee concerned, such as holiday pay.

Corporate Liability

Provides an indemnity to the Insured Company with respect to any legal actions from any third party

This cover also extends to encompass Corporate Manslaughter or Contract Disputes.

Employee Crime

The Policy can be extended to include a Fidelity section that provides coverage where an Insured Company employee steals money, securities, or stocks from the Insured Company

Across the contract, each separate Policy section is provided on a Limit of Indemnity basis, meaning the proposer should consider the limits being purchased, ensuring they secure a limit that meets their needs.

The cover is written on a ‘claims made’ basis, meaning cover will apply only to claims notified during the contractual period.

The Insured Company can consider each cover's limits to meet their needs.

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